Old Couples

Famous Amos
May 16, 2019
Siti Khadijah
May 16, 2019

Old Couples Cafe is a well known local brand which offers a wide selection of premium fresh fruit teas which taste really superb, our premium quality fresh fruits are definitely made of 100% fresh fruits with love and passion. Each and every fruit is being wisely selected with utmost care.

Besides, it offers milk tea series and milk series which comes in different good flavours, even nutritious yogurt drinks, healthy brewed tea and more! All the beverages being served do not contain any additives and coloring. We do serve delicious eggette (bubble waffle) too, where customers get to choose from different fillings of their choice.

We, the Old Couples Team emphasizes on stringent food quality standards in order to deliver the bestest product to our customers. We will always make sure each mouthful just taste as fabulous! Do drop by to discover more!