Dr. Cardin

Camel Active
March 3, 2017
Luv Lux
March 3, 2017

Guan Seng Group has been manufacturing and distributing quality men’s footwear for over 20 years under the brand name of Dr Cardin. Through its dealership network nationwide, Dr Cardin shoes are sold in over 150 stores in Malaysia.

As the company strives to capture consumers from both middle and upper middle income brackets, the need of re-branding exercise is essential from time to time. Therefore, Dr Cardin’s concept has been evolving from “Back to Nature” concept to the latest “Luxury Style” concept.

The 5 most popular categories of shoes under Dr Cardin would be DC Adventure (boots), DC Casual (weekenders), DC Officewear (Jackoo series), DC Lifestyle and DC Sandals(cutters sandals).

In order to expand the market, Dr Cardin also produced women’s shoes ranging from Moccasin, Sneakers, Sandals and much more.