Arnold Palmer

March 3, 2017
March 3, 2017

Arnold Palmer (USA) – Arnold Palmer was a golf legend, he has put his name as a global brand for various items from apparel, food & beverage, golf and golf courses.  In Malaysia we are the licensed distributors of the brand’s apparel.  Our mission is to create the Arnold Palmer style and attitude.  Cool classic polo tees for both on and off the course, besides polo tees we also have woven shirts for daily wear.

Van Heusen (USA)  – It has a long heritage in shirt making and dating back as far as 1881.  It was appointed by The Queen of London as their official shirt makers. Now it is the No1 shirt brand in USA and spanning across Europe, Asia and Australasia.  We are the licensed distributors for their shirts and pants. Van Heusen shirts are made of high quality cotton yarn to give comfort and durability. We also have cotton mix for those who do not have time for ironing.  Cotton mix shirts are as comfortable as high quality cotton yarn and easy to care.  Van Heusen shirts are the perfect office wear.

Daniel Hechter (FR) – it is an affordable French designer label as compared to others such as Yves Saint Laurent. Daniel Hechter started in the 1960s.  The brand is about young in mind and aware of fashion trends. Smart but Casual. Colourful in formal attitude.  We have shirts, tees and pants to compliment on the daily requirement with a twist of detailing in every garment.